Monday, September 16, 2013

Take That One Direction

Five minutes before we left for school today Olivia threw up all over the place.  Normally vomit equals bad day.  BUT!!!!!!! When I was driving Gracie to school everything changed.  She spoke magic words, words so magic I nearly crashed the van.  
"Hey Mom, can you put on that Leather and Lace song?"  She asked.

What?  I'm sorry, I don't believe One Direction has a song called "Leather and Lace."  They only sing about important things; like loving girls because the girls don't know they're beautiful (what does that even MEAN? And, I'm sorry, but beautiful people know they're beautiful unless they're just painfully stupid in which case their beauty is diminished significantly)

Music is really important to me and I've spoken about it herehere and here  and probably a million other places that I'm too lazy to find and link to.  I listen to music that my grandparents loved, that my mom loved, that I've been turned onto by friends and that I've discovered on my own.  I've spent years trying to get Aidan to listen to anything I love. I've tried country, I've tried pop, I've tried metal, nothing worked.  Not Slayer, not MOD, not Metallica. That last one is even more disappointing, how do you not like Metallica?  I think these days he listens to Hollywood Undead and System of a Down (which I now pretend not to like so that he won't quit them).  My girls listen to what I listen to typically, but these days they're always wanting One Direction and Ross Lynch from Austin and Ally.

"Um, sure."  I say still too dazed to react properly.  So I stop the van and find it, I put it on, I turn it up.  I sing along because I am incapable of not singing out loud to a Stevie song.  We get to my favorite part,
"You in the moonlight with your sleepy eyes, could you ever love a man like me? (Yes, Don Henley, yes I could) You were right, when I walked into your house I knew I'd never want to leave (Mi casa es su casa, Don Henley).
"Man, I freaking love that part, Mom."  Me too Gracie, me too.

My day is made.  I've practically forgotten about the barfing kid, oh, can you hold on? I have to go flush some more waffles.  

Score one for Stevie Nicks (who gets extra points for just being Stevie Nicks) and Don Henley (Hello....he's "Boys of Summer" AND HE'S AN EFFING EAGLE) and take that One Direction.  Sit down boys; listen and learn. (To be fair, she bought a One Direction pillow this weekend but I'm pretty sure it was just because they didn't have a pillow with Stevie Nicks and Don Henley on it)

Finally, one of my children isn't a disappointment.


Anonymous said...

I saw Stevie Nicks & Don Henley in concert in 2005. :-))))))


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