Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wake Up In The Morning, Feeling Like P Diddy

I wake up this morning, you'll not be surprised to know that I'm in a pretty good mood. I like Illinois, I want to stay, I wasn't crazy about the idea of moving to Canada; I don't do well in the cold, and moose scare the crap out of me.   We sit down at the table for breakfast, I say, "Girls, it's a good day in America, guess what?"  
"WHAT?"  they say in unison.
"Oh, I know, I know BARACK OBAMA is the president again." Gracie yells.  "Yes, that's true, but there is more," I say.
"What else is there? It's pretty good to be president" says Olivia.  "Well, something really interesting that has never happened in our country's history has happened, actually 2 things.  First, 19 women are now members of the US Senate, and by the time you get home from school, there could be 20, that's a really big deal.  When I was your age there were 1 or 2 women in congress, that's it.  The second thing is a really big deal to Mommy.  When I was little my Mom asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, she said I could be anything I wanted.  Do you know what I wanted to be?"  "No, what?"  "I wanted to be a black lady so I could sing and dance."  "Mom, you don't have to be black to sing and dance."  "Well, I wasn't as smart as you back then and that's what I wanted.  So my mom told me I could be almost anything I wanted."  "What did you pick?" they asked.
 "I picked president next, my mom said, 'well that's a possibility, maybe you could start with governor?'  So this morning, in a little state in the north east part of our country called New Hampshire something amazing has happened.  Their state has a governor, 2 senators and 2 congress representatives.  And do you know what?   ALL of them are women!  Every single leader in that state is a woman.  Governor Hassan will be the only Democratic female in the country and everyone she leads with will be a woman too.  So when I ask you what you want to be, I think you really can be anything, well, you still can't be black, but anything else.  I'm pretty sure the next time we vote for a president, it might be one of mommy's favorite women, her name  is Hillary." At which point I'm tearing up because, Oh. My.God, my daughters may soon live in a country with a woman president, amazing.
"That's really great Mom."  "Yeah, it's good that women are the boss."
"So what do you think you want to be????" I ask.  I know one of the answers, Olivia  doesn't disappoint, "Mom, I want to be a singer."  "That's great, Olivia, you have a beautiful voice."  
Gracie is getting visibly excited, I KNOW she will want to be president, she is the most like me.  I am ready for her answer, the kid is a genius, "Gracie?"
"MOM!!!! I totally know what I want to be!  It's amazing, I want to be one of those ladies who dance in Lady Gaga's videos!!!!! That will be awesome, right?"
"Yep, that will be awesome."  


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