Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Dear Gracie,
Happy Birthday, you’re 6!  Remember the other day when you read to me and I started to cry?  That was because I’m so proud of you and so happy for you.  You are a lot like me; reading is going to save you over and over again.  I’m so excited that you are beginning that journey. 
I love, love, love that you could give a crap about boys in general but are a loyal and good friend to Jake.  I’ve never met a six year old in a 1 ½ year relationship, it’s really, really interesting to watch.  It’s further proof of how consistent you are as a person.  Once you make up your mind about something, that’s it.  You get that from me, maybe that’s why I like it so much; I get it.  That will serve you well for your entire life.  It’s a gift to make decisions and not ever question them.
I admire your independence and I love that you and your sister are close without being clingy.
I’m really excited about this summer, the new house and all of the gardening we are going to do. 
I know this year has been hard, you are the middle child for certain; always keeping steady, never causing waves.  I hope you know that it’s okay to freak out.  It was really hard to lose Grandma and have Grammy get so sick.  You are amazing.
Here are some things I think about telling you:
  1. Keep working on your kindergarten grip; it gets easier.
  2. Snuggle your sister more; the opportunity won’t be there much longer.
  3. Don’t be self conscious; everything about you is absolutely breath taking.
  4. Sing loudly and dance more, you are a fabulous dancer and I’d be happy to get you some singing lessons.
  5. Embrace your curls, know that your hair is God answering my childhood prayers.
  6. I hope you never, ever, stop squinching up your nose like an angry troll; it’s enchanting.
  7. Crocs don’t actually work with everything; in reality, they’re hideous and I hope you grow out of that phase.
  8. I would never willingly leave you.
Gracie, it’s your day, enjoy every moment of your 6th birthday.  I love you.

Love, Mom


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