Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wherein Gracie makes out with Olivia's Boyfriend

Suppose you sail through life as the younger identical twin?  The older twin, she falls, she works hard, she punishes herself to learn skills; crawling, standing, walking, running, riding a name it.  Almost without exception the younger one is "no, I'm scared, I can't, Gracie will do it" (good thing my girls can't read yet, they don't actually know who is older and who is younger).  No amount of coaxing or bribing will incite Olivia to even try a skill.  Almost without exception the younger one just does the skill two weeks later that the other one broke her neck learning.  Really, truly, just "does" it.  Crawls, stands, walks, runs, rides a bike.  It's an interesting thing to watch.

Now, if I was a smart parent, I would have just paid for swimming lessons for Grace, she would learn the skill.  It would be hard, she would get frustrated but she would work through the frustration and learn to swim.  Then, two weeks later, Olivia would do a swan dive from the highest platform and swim away like Ariel in The Little Mermaid. Alas, I am not a smart parent, I paid for lessons for both girls.  As you can imagine, Gracie is working hard, pushing herself, she wants it, she's going to swim; no one will stop her.  As you can imagine, Olivia is resistant at best.  Shamefully, I bribe her to participate.  To her credit, she is working, but she is crying and complaining the whole time.

The moral of this story is this; Olivia, when you are 17 years old and have just found out that your sister pretended to be you and made out with your boyfriend, this, this right here is why.  It is a lifetime of the exhausting position of leader.  I'm not saying it comes without perks, I'm not saying it's okay that she made out with your boyfriend, I'm just saying it's work to be the eldest.  This is where the money I'm going to spend on therapy for the girls will start.  But here is what I'm going to do, I'm just going to pay for therapy for Grace and two weeks later, Olivia will be cured.


chelibean said...

The girls are going to love reading these when they're old enough to 'get it'. Definitely one of your funniest blogs and true.

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