Thursday, March 3, 2011


The last two weeks of my life have been crazy.  My mom spent most of that time in the hospital on partial life support.  She's here now in what started as a place to recover and has ended in her permanent move; we've moved up her move in date from April until last week

This is a move that encompasses a lot.  I am packing up my mom's house and selling the things she no longer needs.  My mom is adjusting to a new house and constant hypothermia.  Her thermostat is usually at 72, mine hovers closer to 60.  Dan now lives with more Hagans than he can shake a stick at.  Aidan occupies the entire second floor of the cape-cod portion of our home.  The girls have been in a tiny bedroom on the first floor of the cape-cod portion (because the oldest kid gets their pick of the bedrooms, guess where I am in birth order???)  for 5 years waiting for their new basement bedrooms to be ready. Their new bedrooms are not ready, but we need their room for Grandma.  Aidan was nice enough (or stupid enough I'm sure he's thinking right about now) to offer half of his bedroom as sleeping quarters for his sisters. 

I just put them to bed, they are up there right now, alone, probably dismantling every Lego set that Aidan spent his entire childhood painstakingly assembling.  It's the story of his life.  Things that have been around since my childhood made it through his childhood in pristine condition, then his sisters looked at said things with their scary laser eyes and the beautiful, perfect old things disintegrated into dust.  Truly, I am afraid to go up there.

So far, so good, it's been nice for everyone to have my mom here.  You know how some girls marry their dads?  Well, apparently, if you grow up without your dad, you marry your mom.  Some days I'm pretty sure my mom and Dan are the same person.  So, it's even nice for Dan, now there are two people here who know everything.  As for me, at least while Cheli is camped on my couch, my girls have decided to bug her at 6am, I've never gotten more sleep in my life.

Next week I'm sure everything will be back to normal (wink, wink), oh wait, I'm turning forty on Monday.


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