Sunday, January 30, 2011

Time Flies

My Mom is really funny, she is the best story teller ever. This post would turn out much funnier if I let her write it. I won’t, I have some control issues; she’ll need to start her own blog if she wants to write! Most of the people who read this blog probably know my mom and know she’s funny. If you don’t know her, it will be important to know a couple of things about her before you read this; my mom is not totally crazy, and she is truly, really, really funny, also, she has terrible insomnia, she barely sleeps and when she does it’s in short, unsatisfying increments.

So yesterday, my Mom wakes up at 6:15. She is fully clothed, and feels like she just had the best night sleep she’s had in years. Years. She feels really good, really refreshed. She is ready to start her day. Coffee is so integral to my mother that she has a second coffee pot and supplies in her bedroom. She gets up; she makes herself a pot of coffee and starts thinking about what she has to do for the day. She pours her second cup of coffee, the phone rings, it’s my brother calling from Las Vegas. My mom wonders, why is he calling so early? Isn’t Vegas a couple of hours ahead?

Cheli: Why are you calling so early?
Erin: It’s not early.
Cheli: Oh, it’s later there?
Erin: No, it’s 4:30
Cheli: Where are you?
Erin: Shopping in Vegas
Cheli: At 4:30 in the morning?
Erin: Mom, it’s 4:30 PM
Cheli: Oh, my God. If you tell your sister this, I will kill you.

It was 6:30 in the evening.  Apparently her best night of sleep in years was a really good nap.


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