Monday, December 13, 2010


Dear Liv,

You are five years old today. Just a little part of this letter is like your sister’s, because just a little bit of what I feel about you I feel about her too!  When your dad says he doesn’t want you to get any bigger, it annoys me; I am so excited about the you of the future. The you you are today is my favorite you so far. You surprise me every day in little ways and big ways. I want to tell you some things that I love about you, some things I worry about and even some things that bug me.

I love that you sing everything like you live in a musical! I think it’s funny that you like to be sneaky. I love that you don’t let people walk on you anymore. I used to worry that you would always let Gracie have her way, but you don’t anymore, now you stand up for yourself. I love your face; to me it is joy incarnate. If there is a picture of joy in the dictionary, it is of your smile. I think it’s funny that you think it’s so funny to fart on people. It’s wildly inappropriate, but so very you. I love that you whisper things you think you shouldn’t ask even when no one else is around. I love that you pose for pictures. I love that you like to take pictures and I think you’re going to be a very talented photographer one day. I love that you swear in the proper context and always with exactly the right amount of vehemence. Which reminds me; your truck driver mouth is going to be a continuous source of problems for you, hope you like the taste of soap. The other day was probably the first of many times you will eat soap in your young life.

I love that, like your brother, you were born with knowledge of video games and touch screen technology. I wish you were nicer to your brother; he is always nice to you. Someday you’re going to want him to drive you around because he’s way cooler than me, and if you don’t start being nice to him he’s probably going to leave you behind. I think Gracie looks like Aidan but I think you look like your cousin, Ella. I think it’s cool that to me, you and Gracie don’t look identical and it cracks me up when you think I’ve mistaken you when really I’m talking to your sister and you get all annoyed with me.

I love how easily you make friends, people are drawn to you. I think it’s cool that even when you’re afraid you put on a brave front but at the same time you know enough about yourself not to go on some of the crazy-ass rides that your sister does. I like that from birth you’ve sat back and watched while your sister tries and tries to learn something and then you just get up and do it. That’s one of those weird twin things.

I worry all the time that you always get sicker than Gracie and stay sicker longer, it’s been that way since you were born and I’m pretty sure I’ll still worry about it when you’re forty. I worry that you will be my party girl and I’m pretty sure I’ll worry about that when you’re forty too!

Olivia, you are five, it’s going to be a great year! I love you. Happy Birthday Liv-a-little!

Love, Mom


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