Monday, December 13, 2010


Dear Gracie,

You are five years old today. Someday when you are old enough to google yourself you will read this letter and know some of what I thought of the five year old you. She is my favorite you so far. I love that we can do so many more things together and that just hanging out and talking is more fun now. When your dad says he doesn’t want you to get any bigger, it annoys me; I am so excited about the you of the future. Everyday you surprise me in some way. I want to tell you some things that I love about you, some things I worry about and even some things that bug me.

I love when you’re talking about something that you don’t think makes sense and your entire face scrunches up into a knot. I love when you’re explaining something to me and your hands are flying all over the place, I think it makes you look like an Italian grandma. I’m glad you still say ‘fank you” and hope you keep saying it forever. I love that your favorite knock knock joke is;
Knock knock
Who’s there?
Va who?

I love that you snort when you laugh. I love that you think Aidan is as funny as I do. I love it when you jump in to “protect” him when Olivia is being mean to him. I love that you are bossy as all get out. I love that you continue to believe in magic even when your sister tries to tell you things “aren’t real”. I love that you believe Caitlin is a real princess.  I love that you are not scared at all to go on rides that make my stomach hurt and that you don’t care if you have to go on them alone. I think it’s funny that you look guilty even when you’re not; although, you may want to work on that one, it will get you in trouble more than you need to be. I love that you love Japanese food and that you love steak. It makes me happy that you love makeup and that you like to listen to the same music I do. I love watching you in my review mirror as you try to figure out the lyrics of a song. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you read my mind, know I’m checking on you and then you give me a thumbs up! I think it’s funny when you swear even though I’m not supposed to think that’s funny.

I like it that to everyone else you and Livi look identical and to me you look as different from her as you do from Aidan (which by the way, you totally look like Aidan and Livi doesn’t at all). I also like that you know I know who is who.

One of the things about you that drives me crazy is that YOU CANNOT LET ANYTHING GO. EVER (you get that from me and your Dad, sorry). But at the same time it’s what will allow you to go on dates before your sister; no one makes you do anything you’re not ready to. So on the other hand, I like that you stand your ground.

I worry that you think people like Olivia more than they like you. People love you, you need to always love yourself and give yourself some slack.  I worry that you and I are so much alike and I don’t want us to have a “difficult” mother and daughter relationship.

I’m so glad you’re five and I’m already looking forward to six. You, Grace Lily, are an excellent daughter, happy birthday Grace-a-lot!

Love, Mom


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