Friday, December 17, 2010

Back When George Michael Was Still An Option For 13 Year Old Girls Everywhere!

This is hands-down my favorite holiday song of all time.  Why?  Because I'm a dork.  This song takes me right back to my 13 year old self.  The age my son is now.  When I hear it I know every singer who is singing at any given moment, I watched the video over and over again. I remember I went to The Flip Side (back when there were still record stores) to buy the cassette tape for my best friend, Anissa, for Christmas. I was going to put it in a BANDAID box to give it to her because even at 13 I was the best gift giver ever.  Sadly, it only came in a 45 so I had to give up the presentation part of the gift.  I say sadly, because a) I hate to give up a good gift presentation idea and b) I am old enough to have bought all my singles on 45.  Also, now Aidan is going to ask me to tell him what a 45 is and then he's going to say, "guess it wasn't that weird when I asked you if you had color TV when you were a kid?" SMART ASS, you're grounded.

I remember I actually thought there was the possibility that I might marry Simon LeBon, John Taylor or Nick Rhodes; the possibility that I might have to choose between them (today I'd go John Taylor, he has definitely aged the best, plus Simon is a Scorpio and I don't really get along with Scorpios). I thought "where the only water flowing is the bitter sting of tears" was genius; because of the imagery and duh, because Sting was singing the line. I thought We Are The World couldn't compare.  Some things never change,  that song still bugs the crap out of me.

I was really into European bands. I remember that Bono wasn't BONO yet, The Unforgettable Fire had just been released in the US. George Michael was still "straight", Sting was still a Police, Phil Collins was still Genesis and hadn't gone Disney and no one in 7th grade but me knew who the Spandau Ballet, Boomtown Rats or Bob Geldof even were. Bananarama hadn't made Robert DeNiro wait for anything yet and Boy George was...well, he was pretty much as strange then as he is now.

I celebrate Christmas with my family because that's what they do, but for me; it's the winter solstice and time spent with family that makes this time of year spiritual. So, happy holidays, merry Christmas, happy solstice or whatever holiday it is that you celebrate that makes this time of year special for you.  Have a peaceful, joy-filled and blessed holiday season.


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