Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Lion, The Witch and No Wardrobe

Today I was invited to an afternoon tea party with Olivia and hosted by Grace. I painted all morning and I have to be honest, I wasn't really looking forward to it.  Then I was told that I could either wear my wedding dress which would be "just lovely" or I could wear pants with a pink bra which would "have to do" for a Jasmine costume.  Grace is nothing if not thorough.

It's the first time ever that Dan has requested a tea party invite.  Turns out he couldn't make it; his loss, I went with costume option 2.

I'm trying to be more in the moment with my kids, now I have to pray that word of this post doesn't make it to DCFS.

What I was really hoping for (besides for the cheap ass who sets the thermostat to loosen the purse strings and turn it up a bit, oh wait, that's me) was a tea cup with a note that says "Drink Me", then I'd be able to avoid that pesky breast reduction that I've been putting off.  You've seen Alice in Wonderland?  "Drink Me" makes things smaller, get it? What I got was a wooden cookie, invisible tea and this....

"OH. MY. GOD., Mom, you look JUST like Jasmine, your hair looks GREAT".  Because, me and Jasmine, we're like twins separated at birth and I haven't showered in two days and I've been painting someone's house all morning and because I'm wearing a bandana on my head and look a little like a cancer patient. It's a rare day that someone doesn't confuse me with Jasmine, happens all the time.  Then, Olivia took off her dress and decided to come to the party as a lion.  And, as you know (as I do because I'm told several times a day, neither do dogs, cats, nor growling deer)...lions do not wear clothes.  And just in case DCFS is watching, I have convinced both of them that lions at the very least, wear princess panties.

Turns out, it was hands down, the BEST tea party I've ever been to.


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