Wednesday, June 9, 2010

William Wallace meets Mr. Blonde and Somehow I End Up On Fire

So, I started a little side business with a couple of good friends and it involves a lot of gardening.  I've started out with a full week (rain landed me home yesterday).  So I worked all day Monday and had to stop yesterday.  Stopping is bad.  Now; I do a lot of gardening in general, but whoa.  Yesterday morning I woke up and my hamstrings were screaming; but I didn't knowYesterday they were William Wallace screaming; you know, dying but all, "you can take our lives but you cannot take our freedom" after another 6 hours of gardening today, now they are LAPD officer Marvin Nash getting his ear cut off by Mr. Blonde who is dancing to Super Sounds of the 70s..., my hamstrings are pouring gas on me, "please, I got a little kid at home" I beg, they so don't care.  They're all like, "was that as good for you as it was for me?" as they toss a match on me. 


Rebecca said...

Super Sounds of the 70s...I used to own that...good times.

Please start stretching...that will ease some of the torture, won't it???

cat said...

Seem like you would not need the gym at all.

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