Saturday, June 5, 2010

Justin Bieber Must Die

I picked Aidan up early from school on Friday because he had a follow up appointment for his sinus infection (we're on round two of antibiotics).  He had just come from the 7th grade talent show; apparently a loosely used term.  When asked how it was he launched into his impression of 7th grade girls reacting to other 7th grade girls lip syncing and dancing to a Justin Bieber song from a CD player.  It involved flailing arms and screaming in a pitch I'm pretty sure only a dog could hear.  He went on about how it was just a song from the radio, it wasn't like Justin Bieber was at his school, they were screaming and going crazy because they were listening to a recording of a boy who sounds like a 6 year old.  Then he went on to explain the awkwardness that happens when 250 7th grade girls are singing along and 250 7th grade boys don't want to look at anyone or make eye contact of any sort. That kid kills me.  As we were driving I was thinking how funny he is and trying to decide if I just think he's funny because I get him or does everyone think he's funny?
So, we get into the doctor's office and the PA student comes in to check him over and Aidan is on a roll; he's knocking it out of the park with one liners and the PA is laughing so hard he can barely do his job, he was still laughing when he walked out of the room.  So I'm going with everyone thinks he's funny.


Rebecca said...

Love it...he probably makes his teachers crack up too...I loved those kids. Some teachers don't let them speak, but I think funny kids need a stage...if I don't give it to them every once in a while, they'll just say this stuff under their breath and it will get out there anyway.

I love that, as a teenage boy, he is able to notice those societal fits of avoiding eye contact with the other boys. Funny people are smart people...I'll bet he keeps you laughing forever!

cat said...

A born entertainer, that one.

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