Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Two Posts a Week or I Have To Buy You a Beer!

That's it, my commitment to you.  If I don't post two days a week, you drive to my house, we'll go out and I'll buy you a beer.

I've been off having a life because Dan's been around and it's Spring and my garden is calling me.  Actually, it's kind of a glass half full or half empty thing; you could also say my children are chasing me away.  Oh yeah, plus, my evil husband planned his part of the basement project to end when it got nice outside.  Guess when my part of the project begins?  That's right, WHEN IT'S NICE OUTSIDE.  So, I've been gardening and painting and avoiding my blog because I feel bad that I haven't written and the longer I wait the harder it gets so.....here it is.

My best friend and I aren't that much alike on the surface.  I love make up, clothes, shoes and In Style magazine and she hates clothes and make up, and each year buys two horrifyingly ugly pairs of Born shoes (one pair in black and one in brown) and she reads magazines for smart people like, Brain Child.  I remember a while back she said something to me about not liking her daughter, Addie, to see her put on make up which I am assuming is because she doesn't want Addie to think you need make up to be pretty.  That makes me smile, eventually she'll figure out you DO need make up to be pretty just like the rest of us have, kidding.  And when she does, she'll come to her Mom's best friend, Kris, to learn about all things girly JUST LIKE HER MOM HAD TO (remind me to someday share the story of teaching Shawna to walk in high heels at age 15 or how I had to explain about Spanx at age 36)

Meanwhile, here in my house, make up is a form of stress relief and relaxation and quite frankly; religion. I love how make up looks; on a face, in the package, on the shelf in the store.  I love how it smells and feels and I love to blend all of the colors and color on people's faces. I'm not one of those people who can't go out without makeup and actually when I can look past the broken red capillaries around my nose that make me look like an alcoholic Irishman, I think I look just fine without any at all and often run around Batavia with a naked face.  It's just that it's a creative outlet; I really enjoy putting it on myself or anyone else who will let me.  So, not surprisingly, my daughters love make up.  They love to watch me, they like to play with it, and when they were two (and under their Father's care) they actually decorated my bedroom carpet and themselves with about $250 worth of Bobbi Brown gel eye liner and 15 pots of bare minerals eye shadow, foundation and mineral veil.  They want their toes painted and eye shadow and lip gloss applied (we only use eye shadow when we're playing, relax people).  So far the best reaction I've ever gotten from them was walking into Old Navy for the first time as four year olds when they couldn't believe a place so beautiful and so wonderful existed and all I could think is just wait until I can afford to take you shopping with me at Nordstrom.  When I eventually take them into the motherland (Sephora or Ulta), they will probably wet themselves, I'm pretty sure I did.

I have a point here and I'm getting to it.

So, there's this damn ad on Nick Jr. for Lelli Kelly shoes.  My daughters are my daughters and they love themselves some fancy shoes.  Why?  Because fancy shoes make things better (like glitter or alcohol).  They have to have these shoes or they will DIE.  Plus, did you know that they come with a MAKE UP CELL PHONE????????  At which point Olivia corrects Grace and says, "NO, it's a FAB make up cell phone with eye shadow and blush and a lip gloss BRUSH AND A MIRROR (they are also their Dad's children and love to see themselves in any shiny object)".  So I hit the internet and find out that Lelli Kelly shoes are on average, $80.00 a pair.   Ha Ha, girls.  We're going to Target to get knock off Lelli Kelly shoes for $14.95.  They're good with the shoes but still put out about the fab make up cell phone.  For the moment I got them a not so fab, tiny, Hello Kitty, lip gloss cell phone key chain that is unacceptable because for starters, it has NO BRUSH.  It is NOT fab.  So, if you know of anywhere that has a fab make up cell phone, please let me know.   So, I'm pretty sure I had a point when I started and now it's gone.  We can look around for it, or just go with this:  who the hell does Nick Jr. think they are brain washing my children?  That is a special job I've been reserving for myself.  I play only music I want them to like, buy food I want them to eat, and hello....shoes are MY department!


Rebecca said...

That is CRAZY expensive for a pair of little girl shoes...not letting my kids watch TV...ever! j/k...I'll lose that battle pretty quickly, I'm sure.

Who leaves the house without makeup? God, I go to the gym in makeup...I wore lipstick through my c-section...I get tingly when my Estee Lauder order arrives...I just don't get it.

cat said...

Oh I so love shoes and sad to say, the Princess have certainly inherited the shoe gene.

As to makeup. well, I do, but I am not that great on it. The princess often comment that I certainly do not wear enough of it to her liking.

Kristyn Harper-Kaminski said...

Shawna would like you to know she buys her ugly shoes about every 5 years. This probably makes you like her less; it makes me love her even more. Rebecca, who will watch your kids if not the tv? Just kidding. Cat, I believe they are currently doing research on the shoe gene...maybe one day you can have her tested so that she can get the proper therapy or medication.

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