Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Icky Boy Bathroom is Nearly Done

So, Dan's not in the house and I'm going to show you what's done so far in the boy bath.  It has a urinal which, apparently, if you have a penis attached to you, is about the coolest thing ever.  The night he put it in Aidan had a friend sleeping over and everyone had to go pee in the urinal (umm, no, not me)! 

It's not done, we still have some touch ups and decorating to do but it looks pretty cool.  Dan built the vanity and the butcherblock top from scratch.  I'm sure he'd want me to tell you that it will have a chrome p-trap, he only had a plastic one in the house.  He doesn't think he's an artist but I do, it's amazing what this guy has done with no one to teach him but himself! 

The marble floor is really funky, I think in a bigger space it would probably be really ugly but it works in this small room.  The paint above is the "brook trout" I was talking about on facebook.

That's it, all I have today, I've been waiting for Dan to leave so I could sneak some pics!  Have a great weekend!


Rebecca said...

Love the floor. Love the vanity. The urinal...keeps the boys happy.

cat said...

What you have a urinal in the house???

Kristyn Harper-Kaminski said...

My husband is a plumber and really just a giant sized 13 year old boy and has always wanted one. This is the half bath in our basement and it's his man cave, he has to clean it. I don't do urinals. Could it be a weird American man thing?

Ronald Lowry said...

Wow! That is definitely good thinking right there. Getting a urinal saves you time from having to clean around the toilet, especially if your son or your husband always miss when they pee and end up splattering their urine all over the floor. This will save you a lot of time and it’s a good investment too, considering that you have a son and a husband.
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