Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I have not been around much lately, basically because the girls are so whiny that I'm exhausted.  They are that whiny that happens right before they get sick and then they get sick and you're like, oh yeah, I forgot how that works.  Except; it's been about 9 days, they're still whining and no one is sick.  I'm thinking it's because they're missing their dad.  We have only spent one lunch with him in the last two weeks.  The whininess seems to coincide with his last visit during which they had to be physically removed from his body in order for him to leave again.  Poor babies, I miss him too but enough with the whining already, I can't take it anymore.  And boy, they'll really be lonely when Dad is away working and Mom is in a mental hospital.

This week I've had lots of twin thoughts going through my head.  Most of the time I don't really think of 2/3rds of my kids as even being twins, when I do it's mostly in regards to how other people view them.  But once in a while things pop up, good and bad that are just about their general twininess (I'm pretty sure I just invented that word). 

I remember how older and wiser twin parents would say things like "make sure you buy two identical things of everything" and I was like "yeah, ok, just because you can't manage to parent your children as individuals doesn't mean I can't".  Ha ha.  Livi and Gracie will literally fight over two toys that are exactly the same.  EXACTLY.  If they are fighting over two Ariel dolls, I take them both, hide them behind my back and let everyone pick a hand.  They still know which one is BETTER.  It will reduce one or both to a weeping, shaking mass on the kitchen floor.  And clothes, I shouldn't even get started on clothes.  Livi and Grace have had an opinion about what they wear since they were about 14 months old.  About a year ago I instituted "choice day" wherein every other day is your choice to pick first; on everything.  I get out two outfits, it's Livi's choice day, she gets to pick first, right down to the toothbrush, panties and shoes.  It has severely reduced the amounts of tantrums except for Mondays when I can no longer remember whose choice day it is and everyone is mad.  Plus, I have to remember to tell my Mother In Law; who does 99% of their clothes shopping, that for now on she has to buy two pairs of the exact same color and style shoe because if they fight about the pink sparkly UGLY Crocs one more time I'm going to throw myself off a building to get away from them.  Those shoes are the bane of my parental existence.  And yes, there is toothbrush sharing because even that was causing crazy battles so I gave up and toothbrushes fall under the law of choice day, as do panties.  Which to be honest I never have thought twice about sharing panties until this very moment, so there it is America, my kids share panties, all the time, every day.  Sometimes they even hit each other to get the good ones.  Well, not Aidan; although as a side note, both Aidan and his Dad have accidentally ended up with each other's boxer-briefs and Aidan will have big giant underwear hanging out the back of his saggy butt jeans and Dan will just be ashamed of all the weight he thinks he's gained when really he's just wearing underwear that are about 3 sizes too small.  Apparently I'm the only person in the house who actually has their own underwear; it's good to be me.

On the up side of twininess are these photographs; exhibits A, B, C and D:

They always have someone who gets them.  When one of them is too upset to speak in English, the other one will always explain what the problem is.  When we switch kids on the way home from preschool and one kid goes with Cathi and Mason comes with us, Olivia will almost always go with Cathi because she knows it's important to Grace to ride with Mason.  When Olivia really wants to ....well, actually, Grace doesn't care as much what Olivia wants unless it happens to coincide with her own plan.  But watching them just be together is really fun, it's been that way since they were about 9 months old and started walking.  I'd walk in the room, one of them would see me and say something in gibberish to the other one and then the other one would turn around and look at me.  Even then they were working as a team.  Exhibit E:

They just seem to know what the other one needs and they have a lot of separate friends and interests so I think overall they have the perfect amount of twininess; they're both okay on their own but they really enjoy being together.  Maybe I'll luck out and we'll pass gracefully out of this whiny phase and back into peace.  Ha ha, I don't think I'll hold my breath



Rebecca said...

Those pictures are adorable! Mine fight over the same exact toy too and they're only 18-months old! Are you telling me that this lasts forever??? j/k! Hailey recently started getting upset over outfit choices...ugh.

Shawna said...

I didn't think you wore underwear?

cat said...

Oh gosh, this is still to come for me? We have colour coded the boys in blue and green from birth. I hope it helps. Lucky pink is not big with boys

Kristyn Harper-Kaminski said...

Thanks, Shawna, reading this comment was just like having Cheli with me. :)

sharnee said...

Thanks for the comment on yummylolly.com re: blog button to match header. I am sure I can do it for you - just let me know what size you want. My email is my first name @ gmail.com.


The Step In Mom. . . said...

Hi! Stopping by from the Lady Bloggers Society Tea Party. Your girls are so cute. I can't imagine having to deal with those types of fights. I find it exhausting enough to fight with one child.

LearnHowToMakeBows said...

What cute pics!

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