Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good Times

So about a week ago I had my annual pap smear.  Good times.  Yesterday I got the phone call no one wants to get.  Sort of.  Here is a word for word account of the conversation:

Nurse:  Is this Kristyn? 
Me: Yes 
Nurse:  This is _______ from Dr. _______'s office, I really hate to have to make one of these phone calls. 
Me:  Is something wrong? 
Nurse:  Yes, there is a problem with your pap smear and we're going to need you to come in right away. 

So now, I'm sure I'm dying.  Wouldn't you be???? and then she says this:

Nurse:  I'm so sorry you were compromised. 
Me: Compromised? 
Nurse: Well, sorry that your sample was compromised
Me:  My sample was compromised?
Nurse:  Yes, that's why we need you to come in, to re-do the pap smear
Me:  No problem, when do you need me?
Nurse:  You're being so nice about this...
Me:  Well, 2 minutes ago you made me think something was wrong with me, I'm just happy that someone dropped my pap smear and I'm not dying!

No apology, no "sorry for the mix up" she's just glad I was so happy.  And, I am.  Sort of.  Woo Who, another pap smear! Good times.  And you know, given the alternative, it will kind of be a good time.  


cat said...

Fun times! Just so glad's not bad news.

Rebecca said...


That happened to me one time...you are so relieved, but I still think you should get an apology!

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