Thursday, February 18, 2010

Along For The Ride

The 'quiet' form of ADHD: the inattentive subtype poses different challenges.(Special Report): An article from: Behavioral Health Management

Dan is home for one more night and my girls are currently in their bed and Olivia is singing "the daddies on the bus say I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU" over and over again and Gracie is not speaking because she has decided we are mean for making her sleep with the light off. The nerve of us. It’s a good night. I’m feeling thankful for my husband and kids. I’m feeling really lucky to be Aidan’s mom in particular.

Aidan spent the night making a replica of a plant cell, it's awesome, the kid is a genius. He used hair gel and aloe Vera for the plasma stuff that's all through the cell. He is about one letter grade away from honor roll which is a large miracle entirely of his own making. This is a kid who has struggled with his grades for about three years and was diagnosed just this year with inattentive AD/HD. To say his grades last year were a disaster would be putting it mildly, this year he is unstoppable. Unstoppable and growing into such a wonderful person, he is really coming into his own. I have always felt that if, as a parent, I got to hand pick the son for me, he'd be it. To watch him struggle with his school work has been agonizing for me; the best and worst part of having kids is seeing yourself in them. Aidan has all of my awkwardness and none of my hugely false sense of bravado; his heart is on his sleeve. The quality that makes him so fantastic is the quality that keeps me up at night worrying about him.

Jessica Brown McBroom is Aidan's counselor and specializes in tweens and teens with AD/HD; you’ve heard me rave about her before. If you live in or around St. Charles and have a child with a problem, if I were you I would drop what I was doing and call her NOW. Someday when someone asks Aidan what adult in his childhood made a difference he will say Jessica McBroom. I was at one of her lectures when we first found out Aidan had AD/HD and either she or her mom said you just have to get these kids to grad school and they're good. That information is a huge relief and terrifying at the same time. There is a lot of time between 7th grade and grad school; good to know he’ll be okay eventually, sad to think there’s probably a lot of difficult school years ahead for him. Aidan wants to be a video game designer at this point in his life and if that’s what he does and it makes him happy it’s great with me. I think he’ll either be a therapist for kids like him or a middle school teacher, the one that you never forget, (hello, Mr. Walker, 7th grade social studies teacher at Wheaton Warrenville Middle School) who is an avant-garde chef in his free time. You know, when he’s not being a fabulous husband and father. I know we’ll get him to grad school, I know it’s a long way off, tonight I am just thankful that I get to go along for the ride.


cat said...

This is so amazing and he is doing so well. Lots to be thankful for.

Theresa said...

Aidan IS an amazing kid and I thought so from the first time I met him. He was soooo nice to Carter at those home Bears games and being older than C - he didn't have to be. But he wanted to be and that was the difference. He is the kid that you enjoy talking to as an adult. Respectful, nice, thoughtful, helpful, sweet, smart to name a few. Despite the school challenges he has and will face, he will make it and he will be a stronger person because of it. You did good Kris.

Kristyn Harper-Kaminski said...

Thanks Theresa, you made me cry.

Tara said...

Your blog subject lured me in tonight and as usual, it resonated with me. As the mommy to three boys I sometimes think they ALL have AD/HD and they probably all dont. But my oldest in particular has always kept me guessing. Your description and "Cat's" description of Aidan sounds so much like my guy. I look forward to digging into one(all) of the books you posted (thanks) and adding them to my parenting book pile on my nightstand. As always, thanks for giving us moms out there a voice. Aidens cell project rocked!

Kristyn Harper-Kaminski said...

Tara, thanks so much for the support. Aidan's a little unusual in that he has inattentive AD/HD (formerly ADD), usually boys present with the hyper effects. I often feel that for sure all boys and possibly all children have AD/HD. :) I'll pass on the cell project praise, he'll love it.

Kristyn Harper-Kaminski said...

hey, Theresa, upon reading your comment Aidan says "damn straight". I now love him more.

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