Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What Do You Mean there's no ESPN?

So, as some of you know, Dan's been unemployed for a while.  He's taking side jobs when and where he can get them so...a couple of days after Christmas he left to go do a side job and was gone for 8 long days.  Here's what I learned; 7 days and 12 hours is how long I can parent by myself without falling prey to substance abuse.  Just kidding, I actually didn't have a drink the whole time (that's a lie, the kids stayed with my Mom on New Year's Eve and I had several cocktails with my neighbors).  So after 8 days Dan came home for 5 days and here's what I learned;  it takes me more than 5 days to recover from single parenting for 8 days.  He left again on Saturday and is now gone for...wait for it....possibly two weeks.  Here's what I've learned so far this time; 8 days alone + 5 days of help DOES NOT EQUAL THE ABILITY TO DO IT ALONE AGAIN FOR 3 DAYS LET ALONE TWO WEEKS. 
Now, I'm sure Dan is not having a great time; he's working on re-plumbing an abandoned motel in the freezing cold.  The motel he's staying at does not have ESPN, it does have Oxygen...enough said.  If Dan wants to whine, he can start his own blog, this one is mine. 


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