Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Uncle Jimmy, Let Me Out!

I’m ashamed to say I can’t think of the last time the girls' bathed off the top of my head, but it’s okay, they have sensitive skin; I’m protecting them. So anyway, they’re in the bath tonight and I needed to go get their robes so I left them within Aidan’s hearing distance and ran to get them. It wasn’t more than a minute, they had someone looking out for them, and yet, they dumped an entire bottle of strawberry shampoo in the bathtub in an effort to clean a rubber duck. He’s still dirty but he smells really good.

Now I’m sitting here wondering why is my office right outside the girls’ bedroom???? What was I thinking? Bedtime is 8pm and here it is 9:07pm and it sounds like rush week at a sorority house!

There’s a story about my cousin, Leah that I think of every night while I wait desperately for them to fall asleep; usually it's between 9:46 and 9:57, really, almost always. Leah didn’t like to go to sleep; she did everything in her five year old power to circumvent it. In an effort to thwart her deviant behavior her parents removed the door knob. You know, to keep her in the room. Before that, she came out for everything, for hours;  “I have to go potty”, “I’m thirsty”. Chances are if you read this blog, you have kids, you know the drill. One night, Cousin Jimmy is visiting from out of state and laughing about how this little kid has her parents wrapped around her tiny finger. They try in vain to explain how difficult it is to keep her in there and then comes the plaintive, heart broken cry from the bedroom with no door knob…”Uncle Jimmmmmmy, let me ouuuuuuttt”

In about a year the girls will each have their own bedroom down stairs (I can barely contain my excitement at the prospect) but for now we have the two noisiest, messiest and quite frankly, the smelliest people in the house in the same bed in the same bedroom. Usually by 9 I’m really loosing my patience, I’m working very hard to ignore them right now. It’s not entirely their fault. When I’m in the same room with my best friend I can’t go to sleep either. I only get to do that about once a year; they have to do it every night. I just overheard “hey, are we done flying now?” “nope, not yet”, there’s a lot of jumping on the bed going on in there. They’ve just opened the door to yell “Hey Mom, I just farted”; it’s like a status update without the computer. It’s 9:44 now and it seems as if there is no sign of stopping. Just wait…. When people are surprised that my four year olds nap (which, for the record, I find CRAZY) I should make them read this post; they’re really getting two hours less sleep than their bedtime suggests. I’m trying to visualize Leah right now, she was a deviant at five but she grew up to be a truly lovely person, someday I’ll miss their deviant behavior, right?

9:50pm: very suddenly it’s pretty quiet, Gracie is singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Livi is encouraging her and they’re quietly giggling; maybe I’m not in such a hurry for two separate bedrooms. 9:57pm:  absolute silence.  Unbelievable.


Jenny said...

I love you guys! When I was five I would do anything to get my parents to let me sleep in Leah's room for the night, even if she did make me sleep squished against the wall. Good luck getting them to split up next year! :)

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