Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rookie Mistake

You know Dan is gone, right? We're on day 4 of the third trip out of town. So, Thank you Jesus, he is working and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, please come home!!!!! Since December 26th he's been home 8 days. I was thinking today was going way too smoothly. It’s been a week of the normal shenanigans around here and today started off just a little too easy. Aidan had a little bit of a headache which should have been my first clue. The girls were really good at story time; hello second clue, I’m oblivious; it’s so nice to meet you. We get home at noon; 12:15 the phone rings, Aidan is in the nurse’s office with a migraine; a bad one. I sent the girls off to Cathi's (remember she used to be Samantha?) and off I went. 

I told Cathi not to bother feeding them, I'd do it when I got back, and I know she didn't listen to me; I have two different kinds of proof. The first proof was that she texted me "I am feeding Grace and Livi" the second, and way more unfortunate proof is the regurgitated macaroni and yogurt I just mopped off the living room floor.

Ten points for Livi, she jumped off the couch, ran off of the area rug and threw up, one, two, three incredibly splashy times on the hardwood floor. It sucked to clean it but I thought it was very conscientious all things considered.

On a completely random note, I really wanted to tell you today about the new Olay Regenerist DNA superstructure UV cream; it’s totally amazing. No, I’m not getting paid by Olay. Yes, I would love them to pay me to use the products I’m already using. It has made my skin feel amazing everyday for the last three days. Everyone knows amazing feeling skin is really a plus when you are mopping vomit.


shawna said...

Was Cathi the rookie because she didn't listen to you or was Livi the rookie because she didn't make it to the toilet?

Kristyn Harper-Kaminski said...

I'm the rookie because I didn't see this coming! :)

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