Friday, January 15, 2010

Parents in Haiti

You'll notice I’ve added a Red Cross button to my site. You can click the link towards the upper right of my blog and donate directly. In the weeks to come I hope every mom and dad that read my blog remembers this; after the media coverage dies away (and it quickly will, Lindsey Lohan will probably do something more important) there will still be moms and dads in Haiti who love their kids as much as you and I do. And while you and I are sitting in our $300K houses wondering how we're going to pay next month's mortgage they will very likely still be trying to figure out how to put an actual roof over their kids' heads. As you know, we're pretty broke right now, but every extra penny I find will be going to the Red Cross. Haiti was already the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. Please keep them in your prayers.

Way less important stuff; my goal is to someday stay home in my pajamas and make money from this blog so sometimes I tweak it in an effort to generate income from the ads and keep you interested. If the music bugs you (which I don't know why it would, it's awesome) you can go down nearly to the bottom of the page and pause it so you can read without having to listen, I moved it from the sidebar. I've also posted my followers on the side, please follow my blog and remember to share it on facebook and/or twitter; there's still a button to do so on the right side bar. Sharing my blog entries on your facebook or twitter page is a way for me to find a readership I would not otherwise be exposed to. I've added a counter at the bottom and it will count individual users who visit my blog. I just thought it would be interesting to keep track. What it will probably do is keep me up at night wondering who hasn't visited my blog and why! I have the "multiples and more" link in the right sidebar as well. Don't forget to visit them if you have twins or no someone who does (also, you might want to buy that person a drink or two...they need it). Multiples and More is a really comprehensive and informative site and blogging network if you're parenting multiples, or just want to feel a lot better about your own singleton children!

On that note; Dan just got home for a couple of days and is lying down with the girls. I think I’m going to go lie on the couch and do nothing for a while! Enjoy your day.


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