Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Thia!

So, you all know how Shawna moved away when we were sophomores and I stayed on my couch, heart-broken and pathetic for a really long time. It was a dark period in my life; I gave up boys. I read romance novels and went through the 7 stages of grief (I don’t actually know how many there are or what they are but I GAVE UP BOYS, did I mention that already?)

This is the story of how I got off the couch. Okay, well I guess I don’t actually know most of the story, I’m sure I must have continued to have a life post the best friend long distance move but I don’t actually remember most of my sophomore year. That’s really interesting; I wonder if my therapist is reading this? We’ll have a lot to talk about on Wednesday. Anyhow, fast forward to my junior year and suddenly I have a life again. My friend Denise introduced me to Thia and Pam two seniors that she worked with. Bam, I had best friends again.

I live in Batavia. I live in Batavia because Thia lives in Batavia. We have been friends for 21 years. In 21 years we have had one disagreement, any woman knows this is crazy.  Girls fight. Seriously. One. It was about bacon. To be fair, I really love bacon; it’s the perfect food. I love Thia more. In my version I think she was newly a vegetarian and for some reason I really wanted her to taste my bacon cheeseburger at Lindy’s Gertie’s. In her version the fault was hers, I think in her story she tried to get me to not eat bacon (not even for you, T). That was our big fight. Where Shawna is truly, in my heart, my sister, Thia is my best friend.

She’s the most non-judgmental person I’ve ever met. She just goes through her life and let’s you go through yours. She’s supportive when you need it and butts out when you don’t. When I was pregnant with Aidan, she was pregnant with Maison; after I had him she came over to hang out with us every single Friday of my maternity leave. Aidan and Maison have been friends literally since birth; I hope they’re still friends when they’re our age.

She’s the perfect daughter, the most amazing sister on the planet, she’s a fantastic Mom and wife and really the coolest friend a girl could ask for. She’s my emergency contact person. I have no idea why she keeps me around but I’m sure glad she does. She has a really amazing sense of style and somehow manages to take a bandana on her head from cancer patient to cool (seriously, when I try it, people look at me with sympathy; I wait for them to ask “are you sick from the chemo?”) Today is one of those birthdays for her. You know; a big one. She doesn’t act it, she certainly doesn’t look it, but she is in fact, forty, today. Happy Birthday to my perfect road-trip partner and best friend, I love you.


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