Thursday, January 21, 2010


Surely, if you are a mom, you do not have a weak stomach. I’m going to make a HUGE generalization about men here; MEN ARE BABIES WHEN THEY’RE SICK! That’s right, you heard it here. Now of course, Dan isn’t here right now. The part of my brain that never learns is really sad that he’s not here to help me. The part of my brain that has a clue knows that if he were here, he’d probably have a touch of the stomach flu and I’d have four sick kids to care for instead of three and one of them, who shall remain nameless, would need far more care than the others! Sorry Dan, you don’t get sick often but…..when you do…well, you’re a really big baby, baby!

Most of last night wasn’t fun; there was a lot of throwing up going on. Still, this is nothing like the winter of 2007 when first Dan was felled with a violent stomach flu that caused him to lie in bed and cry like a child being dragged out of Disney World for THREE days. Then it hit me and it wasn’t pretty. I awoke on the first night of my malaise (with Dan sleeping soundly and happily next to me) to screams that seriously haunt my nightmares to this day. I can’t even tell you what I thought was happening to my son. I ran upstairs to find him screaming in pain on the floor in puddles of indescribable foulness. It was a bad week. On the upside, I lost 8 pounds in four days.

Anyway, back to this week. I kept the girls in bed with me hoping it would save me the running back and forth; and it did. Anyone with twins knows they DO NOT wake up at the same time throwing up on your sheets; it’s one of the only times when they willingly take turns. Clean up one, fall asleep for 72 seconds, clean up the other one. These poor babies got hit at both ends!!!! At 6am this morning their brother came downstairs throwing up. It was a calm and relaxing morning.

Since I’m here alone, I can’t really leave the house for supplies and so I’m relying on the kindness of friends. Cathi and Jim have supplied me with Gatorade and pull ups (an item I had planned on never having in my house again) and Cathi kept her cell phone by her bed all night in case I needed backup; thank God for friends!

I did a lot of laundry today but I felt like I had it all together until about 5pm tonight. Oh, the irony of being a plumber’s wife. I’m pretty sure that every time Dan leaves the house something goes wrong with SOMETHING INVOLVING WATER. I go in the bathroom to answer the call of “Mommy, I have pooh on my butt” (which is a metaphor for my life by the way) and when I lift my little girl off of the toilet it is literally filled to the brim with ….well, you know, they have the stomach flu. Now I have to mention that Gracie is not so sick that she can’t blame the filled toilet on her sister; I can appreciate that. So I start plunging the toilet and it starts to go down. So I flush….and everything comes up in a giant tidal wave and I’m standing in my bathroom in shit. Crying. I did think fast enough to shut off the water valve but I was about 2 gallons too late. I mopped it up and did a shot of Lysol to celebrate that I’m still standing. Here’s looking forward to tomorrow!


Taryn said...

Ugh! That's awful. I'm sorry you had to go through that. When our children were about to turn two one of the girls got sick and I took her to the emergency room. While we were there she started puking so they put us in a room. My parents immediately started the 5 hour drive to get to our house so that my husband could be at the hospital with me. In the meantime, my husband called me to let me know that one of my other daughters had started puking. The next day my in-laws showed up from out of state for the children's birthday party. Long story short, they had a terrible stomach flu that all four children and all six adults came down with. It was awful! I had to call other people that were coming from out of town and tell them to stay home, we weren't having a birthday party. How's that for a party theme? lol

Kristyn Harper-Kaminski said...

Well now I'm feeling better that there were just four of us instead of 10! Not the best birthday!

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