Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Decade Dan, we made it!

Let’s start with a little background. This may surprise some of you, but I am boy crazy. I know, I’m sure you’re shocked. In kindergarten I loved David Murphy. When I began first grade, I loved Steve Donzelli to distraction. It’s funny now because I’m friends with his sisters and Mom and I’m not sure any of them know that (well, until now)! By the end of first grade I had moved on to Jim Ross. He was the big leagues. I chased him around the field, he showed me his underwear. I got in trouble. Seriously, he shows me his underwear and I get called to the principal’s office? Let’s just say it set off a chain of self-destructive relationships that are too numerous to mention here. Mostly I was a serial monogamist. I dated someone for a year or two or three with maybe a year of a whole lot of fun in between longer term relationships.

Ten years ago today, A DECADE AGO, I met my husband. It seems both a lifetime ago and just yesterday. Meeting him changed my life in ways both monumental and infinitesimal.

Here’s what I had planned from the minute I met him; a fantastic one night stand. All right, that’s not entirely true; I thought he’d be fun to make out with. The second time I met him I started planning the one night stand. Seriously, I knew some things about him. I wasn’t looking for a relationship. I was a single Mom looking for a good time. Our Moms are friends. His Mom was having a party and I was there with my Mom. My first thought about Dan was that he looked like a good kisser (you have NO idea). I’d had a few cocktails. I sent my two year old son over to reel him in. We talked, hit it off, I went home (yes, alone people, I had my SON with me and no, I wasn’t driving).

I had recently come to a life-changing decision. I was done chasing boys. Sounds simple, not so much for me; you know, the thrill of the hunt and all. But it wasn’t really working in any kind of meaningful way so I decided I was finished. Poor Dan, it ended up to be his un-doing, his fate was sealed. I decided I did not call or pursue boys; if they left me a message, I would return the call. That was it. I had also decided that I was going to wait FIVE DATES BEFORE HAVING SEX! I’m sure this sounds like not so much of a big deal to most of you but let’s just say it was an entirely new concept to me. Dan ended up being a guinea pig.

As far as experiments go, I guess it was successful; I married him. In attempt to make it to “date five” I was a little creative.

• Date 1: we meet at a Christmas party at his Mom’s
• Date 2: a party at my house on January 8 (our first kiss)
• Date 3: he stops by WITH HIS MOM on the way to the All Canada show at Pheasant Run
• Date 4: he takes me to Spaghetti Warehouse. Let’s just say it’s a testament to how much I liked him by then that there was a date 5. Spaghetti Warehouse SUCKS!
• Date 5: I bring china, crystal and cooking supplies to his shag carpeted apartment where I plan to feed and seduce him (way too easy).

Okay, so dates 1 and 3 might be “grey area” as far as actual date goes. He thinks I made up the 5 dates, well Dan, there you go, all five dates in the flesh, I remember every one thank you very much! Our first date was supposed to be New Year’s Eve Day, he blew me off, I didn’t really care. He told me he was going skiing. Then a week later he accidentally mentioned waking up at home on January 1, 2000….oops. He did keep calling though. I just acted nonchalant and returned phone calls for a really long time. As a side note, date 6 included him serving me an appetizer of imitation crab (which I actually love) with melted margarine. Like I said, a testament to how much I liked him. His taste in nearly all things has improved over 10 years (except for baseball teams and thank God; women). I think if you asked him the number one thing not to do on a date he might say “serve margarine in any form”.

Let’s just say that by date 5 his fish was fried. That poor man had no idea what hit him. By Valentine’s Day he told me he loved me (ha, ha, Dan, it’s my blog, I can tell it however I want to) and that was that.

Here we are 10 years later, a little older, a little wiser, possibly a little worse for wear. We’ve been through a lot and I imagine we have a lot of rough territory left to cover. We’ve grown together as a couple, certainly as parents and hopefully as people. He is the person I most want to hang out with almost always and the person I want to kill most for fun on occasion. He is the love of my life and becomes more my true partner everyday. Happy Decade, Dan, I love you. And no, you don’t have to buy a present for this one.

And, oh yeah, I’m still boy crazy; it’s just that now I’m only crazy about one boy!


jamiesaam said...

awe, I didn't know we share the same anniversary! Congrats to you guys!

jamiesaam said...

now that I read it...happy first day of meeting anniversary ; )

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