Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday!

First of all, happy birthday to my brother who is 36 today; thanks for making me feel old! Happy Birthday to my friend Cindy Ruzicka, preschool teacher extraordinaire, and to my dear friend Pam whose present is this post!

Pam has been my friend for 22 years today she is turning forty (which I'm certain she'd want ALL OF YOU TO KNOW). Here's what I did today; I helped Pam move. I think she's feeling sad and depressed right now because she's moving her and her daughter in with her parents. I want her to know that her friends are so proud of her. Pam is a wonderful person who agonizes over decisions; little ones and big ones. She has spent a long time agonizing about the decision to end her marriage and thinking about what is the right thing to do for herself and for her child. She's decided that moving home and having the support of her family and her friends is right and I couldn't be prouder of her. I'm sure a big part of this feels like a failure and I want her to know that it is not; it's a brave decision and a good one. Someday her daughter will be a self-sufficient woman, one who knows that sometimes putting your own needs first is important and necessary, and she will know that in part because of what her mom did today. Pam, I think you are brave and smart and I wish for you the very best new beginning, hang in there through this hard time because the good stuff is waiting right around the next corner. I love you, happy birthday!


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