Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dress Up

These children have had an opinion about what they wear since they were a year old.  Today they weren't paying much attention, so I got to play dress up.  These photos aren't really doing justice to the '80s throw back we had going on.  You can't really see the lace leggings that Livi is sporting or Gracie's side pony tail.  Where are my fingerless lace gloves when I need them? Anyway, it was a fun morning, I got my way and they got twirly skirts.  I'm trying to remember how fun they are because I just spent the last 3 hours in HELL. The first two at McDonald's playland (which I'm fairly certain, if I'm wrong, and there IS a Hell it is a 110 degree, 5000 decibel, over crowded with snot infested toddlers McDonald Playland) the third one was spent trying to get them to sleep.  All because I was stupid enough to clean my oven and the entire house filled with smoke and we had to go!  And, it smells like burnt garlic bread in here and the house didn't even burn down, I feel I've been victimized.  I want my three hours back.


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