Monday, October 5, 2009

Why the First Night of Camping is like your First Child

We've been back for a few days from Kirksville, Missouri. We had a fabulous time and over all everyone was really well behaved. I'm pretty sure my coon hound, Stichy, has ADHD and even she was really well behaved. As an added bonus, the skunk smell that has been clinging to her for weeks seems to have been washed away by the repeated games of "lake fetch" that she played while vacationing.
FIRST NIGHT. The first night is not the night to go by and is somewhat like a first child. If you remembered what it was REALLY like, you'd never do it again. 9:00pm we all go to bed because we know there is NO HOPE that the girls will be able to go to bed on their own and frankly we're too exhausted to stay up any longer. The 8 person(HA) tent is wall to wall with 4 air mattresses. 9:01 "I WANT TO SLEEP BY AIDAN" 9:03 "I DON'T WANT TO SLEEP BY AIDAN, I WANT TO SLEEP BY MOMMY" 9:04 "DADDY IS SQUISHING ME" 9:05 "I'M GOING TO MY OWN BED" "LIVI IS IN MY BED" 9:06 "THIS IS MY BED AND GRACIE IS TRYING TO TAKE IT, I'M GOING TO SLEEP WITH MY BROTHER" 9:09 "I DON'T WANT TO SLEEP WITH MY BROTHER, I'M SLEEPING BY MOMMY" etc, etc........9:37 Livi is next to me, Aidan is where he has been and Gracie is in Livi's bed but it is SILENT. Have I mentioned the tent is on two inclines? Our heads are up and we're all rolling down towards Dan. Did I mention that by 9:11 Dan was sound asleep. Oh yeah, it was maybe 40 degrees. The sleeping bag that Dan packed for Aidan is 3 feet long, Aidan is five feet tall. Somewhere around 1am I leap frog Olivia and she rolls towards her Dad.Did I mention that even at home where it is warm Dan steals ALL of the blankets and that my poor butt stuck out of the blankets all night? Did I mention it was 40 degrees?
SECOND NIGHT, THIRD NIGHT: 8:40 the girls fall into bed 9:40 Aidan falls into bed.
Did I mention we went to the store and bought more blankets? Did I mention that the first night was the WARMEST night?
And, I did NOT get to fish, again. BTG (before the girls), I fished all the time. In fact, I used to routinely catch more fish than Dan (he's going to argue with that). I have not cast a line since they were born, not one. If Dan is reading this, I hope he feels bad. But, there is hope, next summer Aidan should be able to handle them alone for a couple of hours and then look out bass, here I come. Stop laughing Shawna. I'm pretty sure Dan married me for three reasons; we both like to fish and camp, one of us likes to wear high heels, one of us likes how the other looks in high heels, one of has big boobs and one of us REALLY likes big boobs.
Bet you can't guess who's who!


Anonymous said... are my hero!! The family stuff not the boob stuff!!!The word tent is no longer in my vocabulary and I only have 1. Well not counting the friend that Jordan ALWAYS must bring along with Larry's 2 teens (3...+1 Sara ALWAYS has to bring a friend). I might actually prefer 2 little ones that love and need me rather than 5 snotty kids that know everything!!

Kris Harper-Kaminski said...

I'd like a camper but it would have to be a driving one because of the boat. We probably should just camp in a moon jump instead of a tent because there would be room to walk and we could just let the kids sleep wherever they fall!

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