Friday, October 16, 2009

Freaky Friday Report

A wedding ring update: well, it has been gone for about 5 or 6 weeks now. I still feel confident that it IS in the house, but, I’m loosing hope at to whether I’ll see it again before I’m fifty. I can’t sleep with it on (Dan would like you to know that’s because it’s so big; 1.25 karats) and so I leave it on the sink on this little stick thing. Well, I live with tiny people who share their mother’s love for all things shiny. They regularly take lia sophia rings and run with them but they’ve never touched my wedding/engagement ring I’ve been certain it’s in the couch somewhere so what have I been doing? Yes, avoiding looking in the couch. Why? Who does not know the answer to that question? Because if I look in the couch and it isn’t there, I’m out of options. As long as I still have hope…..well, no such luck. I turned over my couch and I even removed part of the lining. HAVE I MENTIONED THAT MY COUCH IS IN 3 PIECES AND IS OVER 20 FEET LONG TOTAL? No ring!

A few months ago they stole some money off of Dan’s nightstand. Six weeks later we found it in the toy box in a Tupperware onion storage facility. I don’t know what else to call that stupid thing, does anyone use that for its intended purpose?

So, yesterday morning Dan comes with me to preschool to drop off the girls. He takes them in, I sit with my friend’s baby so she doesn’t have to take him in with her. She comes out, we chat for like five minutes and we both get in our cars and leave. She’s waving frantically at me and I’m like “hello, we live across the street from each other, I’ll see you in 2 minutes”. So, in my head I’m thinking “I feel like I needed to do something before I go to Panera for coffee…oh yeah, I have to go to Nancy’s to drop off Dan. OH MY GOD, DAN” so I turn around and go back and there is Dan standing on the curb in the rain. He says he walked out and was like “she did NOT leave me here”. I think he was impressed with the speediness of my return!

So then, I leave him a note on facebook that basically says “sorry, I left you” and I leave at noon to go pick up an old friend from the airport and go out for a few hours. Well at about 6pm he calls me and says “I thought the apology was for this morning but you never came home, is this an ‘I’m going out for cigarettes’ apology? Are you EVER coming back? Apparently he doesn’t remember me telling him I was going out afterwards (I told him, he didn’t listen). If he ever listened to me he would know SO much stuff!

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