Thursday, September 24, 2009

Keeping 'em off the Stripper Pole

So, it turns out I'm allowed to talk about Aidan, as long as it's funny. You'd think he'd know me well enough to know that that leaves me with a lot of room for interpretation!

The Girls' best friend is Mason, the little boy who lives across the street (you know, his Mom is pretending to be named "Samantha" and I'm not sure yet if his Dad wants a fake name, I'll have to ask). A lot of the time we are getting home at the same time because wherever we've been is where they've been. A couple of weeks ago we left their preschool open house and they forgot to kiss and hug Mason so I told them they could do it when we got home and they forgot so, of course, I let it go.

This is where I tell you that the MOMENT my girls enter the house the immediately strip off everything but their underwear. So, now they're mostly naked and crying because they HAVE TO KISS AND HUG MASON OR THEY WILL DIE. So I put them in these furry princess jackets (which TOTALLY look like cheap hooker jackets) and head off across the street. They are only wearing the jackets. So Jim (oops, hopefully he didn't want a fake name) answers the door "Mason, you have a Strip-O-Gram" and my nearly naked children kiss and hug the neighbor while I visualize a future that I'm SO not ready to think about.

So here's the funny part.

Aidan is taking out the garbage (have I mentioned what a good kid he is?) He doesn't miss a beat, they go running by nearly naked with garish faux fur jackets flapping behind them, and he says, totally deadpan, "Yet another glimpse into their VERY scary future"


cat said...

Oh this is one of the funniest things I have read - what a fun dad!

varunner said...

Came over from Multiples and More. HA! that's hilarious! :-)

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